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Finding Ideal Asian Brides Online

Despite the widespread skepticism, online dating enjoys more popularity today than ever! And it’s no surprise: the undeniable advantages simply outshadow all doubt. The main perk is that you no longer have to browse your local bars, grocery stores and what not in blind hope to bump into that special one. Admittedly, this old-fashioned approach does sound a tad naive, especially when the Internet connection is commonly accessible, and you can meet Asian women, Latin belles, or Slavic girls from across the ocean without even having to dress up and leave your home. Moreover, you can look through profiles of your potential brides where they describe their personalities before engaging in conversations with them. One cannot but agree that this is much more representative than a quick glance at a bar with dim lights where you can barely see how the woman actually looks like in real life. Let alone being sure whether she’s up for a quick fling or her intentions are indeed as serious as yours.

In particular, Asian women dating used to be an unreachable fetish for a great many Western gentlemen – that is until the Internet has blurred the borders and conquered distances. Today, practically any gentlemen can register with the best Asian dating sites and make his dreams come true.

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How do mail order brides services come to be?

Even if you don’t have a friend of a friend who’s happily married to a lovely lady from overseas, you must have stumbled upon such stories on the Internet or TV. There’s Nicholas Cage; there’s Mark Zuckerberg, there was John Lennon, etc. Surely, if they could do it, why should a regular gentleman be any different and deny himself the opportunities to meet Asian brides?

When you go to those services, however, you soon find out that they will charge you. Wherever money is concerned, it’s only natural to be reasonably concerned about getting scammed or otherwise not returning your money’s worth. Hence, it is necessary to understand what precisely these services charge for and why you have to pay for something that – so it seems – one can get for free on social media platforms or free of charge services.

First, we should clarify that when you pay money for these services, it does not guarantee that you will have a pretty and loving girl delivered to your door by mail. Human trafficking is still illegal, and terms like “mail order brides” or even “buy a bride” are but set-expressions in this niche. Even though some services make claims that you will surely find your ideal wife with them, it is nothing more than a pep talk. The success of any relationship is always in the hands of the two, and a third party can only do so much.

Well then, what does this third party do? For what services do they charge? First of all, charging gentlemen for mail order brides services is a means to make sure that they are indeed serious about their intentions to get married. The money that gentlemen pay is used to perform check-ups on the ladies from these websites to make sure that they are eligible for marriage and that their intentions are equally serious. Besides that, by registering with a reputable dating website, you get assistance in:

  • creating a profile that highlights all your strong points to catch the eye of Asian singles
  • using search filters for instant connection with only the kind of women who meet your requirements without getting distracted on others
  • using the communication tools offered by the website (letters, chats, video calls, etc.) to your maximum benefit
  • overcoming any possible language barrier by employing translators’ services whenever necessary
  • sending small tokens of attention (flowers, candy, plush toys, souvenirs, etc.) to hot asian women and making sure they are delivered
  • organizing your trip when you decide it’s time to meet your Asian bride in real life

When you embark on a quest to meet the Asian girl of your dreams, you will see that there are many Asian mail order brides websites to choose from, and each tries to stand out by offering some unique features. Nevertheless, the services that we have listed are always to be expected on whichever website you choose.

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Why do these women become Asian mail order brides?

The more a man thinks about it, the more questions arise about what are the true intentions of all these young Asian girls who register with these services. What if she’s an emotional wreck who cannot start a relationship in her community? Or, on the contrary – what if she’s a mischievous manipulating type who’s after a green card and/or your money? Let’s debunk these stereotypes one by one.

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Stereotype #1: “Emotional wreck”

You may have heard that most Asian cultures remain patriarchal and an Asian girl is raised to respect and obey that patriarch of the family. She is often well-educated, but her primary role in the society is that of a housewife. But you seek a life companion, not a maid! To debunk this stereotype, all we need to do is reflect on it a bit deeper.

Social roles and organization play a much more significant role in Asian countries than in the West. We are more individualistic, while they are more collectivist. As such, the very fact of registering with mail order brides services and expressing readiness to follow her heart overseas to an entirely foreign society is already a much more decisive step for a regular Asian girl than from any person from the West. If she could afford this leap of faith, you can expect that aside from being an ideal housewife that she is raised to be, she also has enough personality and “guts” to stand up to the millennia-old tradition and seek her fate with a gentleman from Europe or America. This is the kind of woman you’d like by your side.

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Stereotype #2: “Gold-digger”

If a gentleman is hard-working and somewhat wealthy, it is not uncommon for him to have had some disappointing experience with the (not so) fair sex who had tried to take advantage of him. It makes him naturally vigilant about all women in general, especially about hot Asian teens who come from cultures he may know little about and who may seem somewhat “out of his league.”

First of all, it’s like we said, – such experiences are – sadly – more common for our society. In Asian cultures, the very institution of marriage is treated with much more respect and seriousness. Of course, it’s better for her when the man is wealthy, but she will never allow herself to be after his wealth alone. For her, this is the man to spend the rest of her life with, so as significant as the financial issues may be, they will never be a decisive factor.

Besides, it is a bit ignorant to assume that Asian people are so poor and desperate to go through all this turmoil just for a few thousand bucks. It may have been the case in the past, but not anymore. You will see it for yourself when you finally go to visit your Asian bride in her home country.

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Stereotype #3: “Desperately seeking green card”

It is also widely believed that hot Asian teen girls are so desperate to leave their mundane lives in their home countries that they would find some old fool of the USA just so he can drag her out of her routine and into a marriage overseas. Once again, this is an outdated and even somewhat ignorant assumption.

As we have already discussed, changing the habitual environment is a much more drastic decision for an Asian person than it is in our cultures. It takes full-scale determination to seek marriage abroad, let alone across the ocean. So, all that effort of a fake wedding just for a green card is a gamble that an Asian woman cannot take.

Moreover, there is one more angle to this issue. In many profession spheres, Asian countries have some of the best schools in the world, and girls are not excluded. As such, if changing the scenery was her only goal, she is aware that there are much easier and more legitimate ways for her to go and settle in a foreign country than through a fake marriage. So, you can rest assured that when it comes to meeting your Asian bride-to-be in real life, she is already determined to create a family with you and that she is interested in you as a husband and not so much in your citizenship or bank account.

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Truth: “Love is all they need”

The more you travel the world, the more you find out that all the differences between various cultures are situational. The more you reflect upon them and deconstruct them, the more you realize that all people are the same in their essence. And women are no exception. Like any other women, beautiful Asian women seek love and care. This is what brings them to mail order brides services.

We have mentioned that Asian societies remain patriarchal to a large extent. This significantly influences the way Asian men treat their women. He might not be abusive the way we tend to imagine abusive husbands, but still – he will appreciate her solely for how good she is as a housewife and child rearer. That seems natural for those traditional societies, but in the globalized world of today, she knows that there’s a different life – a place where husbands sincerely care about their wives’ feelings and appreciate them for human beings that they are. This is the main drive that motivates her to seek love and family happiness outside her habitual community.

One cannot but agree that showing how much you care for a woman you love is a small price to pay for similar love and devotion in return, topped with having your home tidy and cozy at all times and having as many children as you like with a mother that never shies away from taking care of them. Truly, if you treat her with love and respect, she will return the favor times multiple – just look at the stats and see that marriages between Asian women and American men have the smallest divorce rate in the country!

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Characteristics to expect in your Asian wife

So, what happens when you marry and take in one of those hot Asian girls? We have briefly touched upon what fantastic wives they make, and you may have stumbled upon similar odes of praise elsewhere. But let’s try to be more concrete:

  • Prioritizing family. Creating a loving and happy family is the main priority in her life. If she is at your home, this priority is what drove her there. As such, she will always put any other priorities on hold without a second thought.
  • Faithfulness. We have discussed extensively how important family is in her life. As such, she will not jeopardize it for anything! Not for a momentary fling of emotion, not for the desire to “put him in his place” with a sharp word. She knows that all those things are vain and passing, and only family lasts, – if you let it!
  • Brightness. Just because she is silent most of the time, it doesn’t mean she has nothing to say. On the contrary, she is smart enough only to say the things that matter (or when explicitly asked to share an opinion). Even then, her opinion may seem generic, but it’s only because she considers the interests of everyone involved and doesn’t want to cross them, – it’s a sign of sincere empathy for everyone!
  • Representation. She realizes that some people from your environment may frown upon your decision to marry a foreigner. That’s why she will go out of her way to make you proud of her and prove to them that your decision to marry her was right. This will involve both her natural beauty and the way she runs errands around the house.
  • Resourcefulness. You will be fascinated with her masterful skill of running all the house errands! All the related activities will be organized with maximum efficiency. This is merely the most visible manifestation of her overall brightness and intelligence that an Asian wife applies to make your everyday life as cozy and comfortable as it gets!
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