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If you are new to the area of arranging hookups online, you will discover an amazing world of opportunities that will allow you diversify your sexual practices, as well as learn lots of new things about sex and related topics. You will learn how to pick up crashes at AdultFriendFinder, find the sexiest users with the help of the service, and use the popular program on full.

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AdultFriendFinder review: discover advanced data about the service

Most users who begin reading this post have already heard about AdultFriendFinder, one of the best platforms for hookups with a huge database of users of both genders. You might even have already tried the service a couple of years ago. However, the platform is constantly changing and growing, providing its users with more and more advanced functions and utilities. Therefore, there are lots of new hot features you don’t know about. 

If you are new to the area of arranging hookups online, you will discover an amazing world of opportunities that will allow you diversify your sexual practices, as well as learn lots of new things about sex and related topics. You will learn how to pick up crashes at AdultFriendFinder, find the sexiest users with the help of the service, and use the popular program on full. 

In this AdultFriendFinder review, we will discover the basic and the new functionality of the popular website, provide you with detailed information about its operating principles, security measures, and communication options with other users. You will also learn how to find a perfect match for a one-night stand in a couple of minutes.

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AdultFriendFinder review: friends with sexy benefits

A website is a perfect option for those users who love sex and everything related to it. It is just a heaven for people looking for partners for hookups and sexual experiments, as well as for those, who want to learn new practices, watch hot videos, and just have a good time. The platform will not meet the needs of guys and ladies, who want to find a match for serious relationships or marriage – the service is for casual dating and sexual adventures only.

AdultFriendFinder offers lots of opportunities to find a partner for having different types of sex. Moreover, it is not focused on heterosexual relations only – it has lots of users looking for gay or lesbian sex, as well as naughty couples. Therefore, anyone can find a crush for a one-night stand to fit his or her sexual needs.

What is great about AdultFriendFinder, is that it is a global service with a whopping number of 25 million users. Just imagine, how many people are using the service on a regular basis! Most website users are coming from the United States, while there are also plenty of users from Canada, the UK, and some European countries. This makes possible searching for a crush in your local area. Just check: who knows, maybe the girl next door is also looking for sexual encounters? Moreover, the platform is a great solution for travelers – you can easily plan your trip and meet hot people in different cities during your journey. Sounds cool, yeah? With the help of the service, you get a unique opportunity to find awesome people for sexual encounters everywhere and anytime. 

According to the AdultFriendFinder review, the website is holding one of the leading positions in the amount of traffic in the United States. It hits the top 50 of the most popular adult services in North America. And, yes, it is much more popular than classical dating and mail order bride services. By the way, the number of program’s active users is constantly growing, attracting more and more new hot users to the service. 

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AdultFriendFinder review: the process of registration

The process of registration on the platform is surely easy. The service has a simple and completely understandable interface, so you are not likely to face any difficulties during the signup process. People with no experience of using adult sites will also easily cope with the registration since it requires no longer than a few seconds. 

As for any website, you will need to enter your username, email, and password. These are the only obligatory fields you are required to fill out. All the other information, offered by the service is optional. However, it is highly recommended to provide at least some basic information about yourself to boost your online presence. Thus, it will be great to upload a picture and drop a few lines about your sexual preferences. 

By the way, the service offers an advanced questionnaire about your tastes and experiences. The larget the number of questions you will answer, the more attractive your profile is likely to be. So what are the questions you are expected to answer? They cover the following topics:

  • French kisses
  • Masturbation
  • Foreplay
  • Blind dates
  • Contraceptives 
  • Oral sex
  • Anal sex
  • Group sex
  • Watching porn videos

You can either answer all of these questions or provide information about the ones you choose. Feel free to share information about yourself. 

By the way, the service will also provide you with some questions about your personal parameters. These are color of hair, eyes, and skin, as well as some bodily parameters, such as the cup size for ladies. This will help the other users find your profile much easier. 

The platform also has a funny “purity test”, where you will need to answer questions about your sexual experiences. 20 dirty questions will identify your sexual freedom and purity. Feel free to keep private or share the results with other users. 

As for the matching, AdultFriendFinder has no automated matching mechanism to find perfect crashes for your needs. However, there are lots of convenient filters you can use to search for the naughtiest users on the platform. Moreover, the program’s filters will help you to pick up only those users, who share your preferences. 

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AdultFriendFinder review: who can you meet there?

The service has a miraculous number of users. These are people free from any prejudice or judgment. Most of them come to the platform to find a partner for a one-night stand. Still, there are many users searching for a lover to suit their sexual needs.

Most users are heterosexual, but there are thousands of gays and lesbians, looking for partners, too. Moreover, there are also shemales and transgenders searching for hot sex. In case you prefer group sex, you can easily find plenty of adventurous couples, too. In other words, the users of the website are incredibly diverse. The filters also include some additional parameters, such as marital status, age, race, location, body type, and other options. In other words, you can effortlessly find a crush for your sexual needs even in case you prefer something special or uncommon. 

The platform also offers some great matches for you at the top of the screen. You might get interested in those profiles or skip them. As a rule, you have over 95,000 of possible matches online. Therefore, your choice is really whopping. Your feed on the website is likely to be incredibly intense and full of awesome people ready to meet with you. 

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AdultFriendFinder: pick up your match

You will be surprised by the fact that the dating service might look like a porn hub from the first glance. This means thousands of users of both sexes share their private photos and videos to the public searching for a hot match. However, AdultFriendFinder is even better than a well-know PornHub service. The fact is that you can only see users and their naughty games on the PornHub. With the AdultFriendFinder, you get a chance to meet, date, and have sex with people, whose photos and videos you see on the website. This means you have an opportunity to fully interact with guys, ladies, and couples, you find with the help of the platform. 

By the way, some videos will stay blurred and labeled with the title “Naughty video” These are the hottest files that are available only for users with a Golden Membership. This premium feature will give you tons of advanced options, as well as give you access to the most unforgettable media on the platform. 

You will also receive tons of messages from other users on the platform. Your message box will be full of messages each day you use the website. This is because your profile becomes visible in the field “online users” each time you log in to the dating site. 

Most of the users on the dating service are really friendly and welcoming. Many of them might ask you some dirty questions or ask for a date just at once. Feel free to accept or deny the invitations, ask them for any detailed information, share media files, and just enjoy your communication. People are all different. Someone might appear to be odd or aggressive. Therefore, you are likely to choose whether you want to communicate with this or that user. 

It is also worth mentioning that AdultFriendFinder never sleeps. You can easily find thousands of users online in the morning, afternoon, evening, or late at night. The matter is that different people have different working schedules – someone is busy during regular hours, while others might be working only night shifts. This is great because you can find a crush for having sex 24/7. 

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AdultFriendFinder review: design and features

The design of the service is very pleasant and understandable. It will surely suit both beginner users and experienced pickups. All the functions you need are located in a single handy menu at the top of your screen. With the help of this menu, you can easily navigate the platform and have an access to its different services. Moreover, when you click on the profile of any user, you can get more advanced information about their tastes. 

All in all, you can enjoy using these services with the help of the pop platform:

  • Make friends with other users online
  • Send and receive messages to people you like. It is worth mentioning that you can send messages to any user on the service, not your friends only
  • Flirt with users if you are feeling shy to establish a contact
  • Play a popular “hot or not” game choosing the hottest users on the platform
  • Watch photos and videos shared by other people
  • Send digital gifts to users you like
  • Watch live videos with both models and common users
  • Create your own blog and share your stories and experience with other people on the platform
  • Join different groups with people who share your sexual preferences
  • Communicate in handy chats on any topic you like
  • Take part or judge awesome photo contest on the platform
  • Purchase courses from the global sex academy. Buy educational videos on oral and anal sex, meeting hotties online, and lots of other hot topics
  • Read naughty stories, written by other users 

As for the topics you can share or discuss on the website, there are no forbidden things or limitations provided by the service. Here you can share your hidden desires and find naughty users who will make them come true. Burning desire is right what everyone is looking for on the platform. 

Watching videos and photos is similar to watching porn. However, you can interact with the users in the videos and have sex with them, too. This is one of the most unique and demanding options offered by the program. This is surely way more satisfying than just watching hot videos. 

By the way, regular dating with the help of the service is also possible. You will surely get lots of messages from people, who just want to have a pleasant conversation or arrange a dinner with a nice person. Not only sexual encounters can be planned with the help of the platform, but also classical datings with nice people looking for both romance and hot sex.

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AdultFriendFinder: paid membership benefits

You can surely use the platform for free. For example, watching profiles of different users, reading blogs, sharing your own personal stories, as well as communicating in chat rooms are all available for free. However, a paid membership will give you a completely new experience. The truth is that the hottest functions, options, and videos are unlocked only to those users, who purchase a Gold membership or by earning points. 

There are two common ways to unlock the richest content on the website. These are earning points and purchasing a premium membership. 

As for earning points, it is a long and often challenging process. You will need to get points for your website activities. Each type of activity will cost you a certain number of points. Which activities will bring you the largest number of points?

  • Uploading 5 profile pictures
  • Uploading 5-10 hot videos 
  • Filling out your personal profile
  • Creating 10 blog posts
  • Leaving 10 different comments
  • Voting on articles and taking part in different contests

Unfortunately, earning points usually requires plenty of time and effort, making most users buy a Gold membership and forget about sticking to the platform and making credits. If you have limited free time or just want to make the process of possessing a Gold membership easier, purchasing the premium feature might become a real treasure for you. 

Frankly speaking, most ladies on the service don’t take seriously users without a Gold membership. If you are using the service to find a crush but not only for online communication, buying the premium option will surely make your profile more attractive to thousands of other users. By the way, your gold status also boosts your profile appearance in the search results. More users will be able to see you, as well as there will be higher chances to find a perfect person for your naughty affairs. 

AdultFriendFinder’s Gold membership unlocks these features:

  • Unlimited messaging with an unlimited number of users
  • Watching profiles with private media files
  • Watch videos available for Gold members only

As for the price, the fee for the service depends on the number of months you are planning to pay for. For example, a plan for 1 month will cost you $40, while the one-year plan is available for $20 per month only. Therefore, buying a long-term subscription will save you lots of money. 

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AdultFriendFinder: whom is it good for?

The service will perfectly suit the needs of the open-minded people, looking for sexual partners. If you don’t want to dive into the world of classical dating, have boring dates, and spend lots of time before having sex with a new partner, the platform will help you to move to sex with a new crush right at once. 

Moreover, the service is great for those users, who want to learn something new. With the help of the videos from sex academy, you can discover tons of new facts, positions, and practices to diversify your sexual life. The service puts classical dating to the new level, where you can skip all the pre-sex issues and move to the hottest part of your new relationships. The program can also expand your sexual horizons and provide you with lots of fresh content related to sex. 

AdultFriendFinder is a place, where you can be yourself and discuss everything about sex with the other users. You can also share your personal photos and videos with other users and earn points for your activity. 

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AdultFriendFinder: whom is it bad for?

The platform will not suit people, who would like to find a perfect match for serious relationship or marriage. This is not a classical dating program, but a handy hookup site for those who want to have sex only. 

AdultFriendFinder might be also disappointing for romantic spirits and those, who want to use a neat and aesthetically pleasing service. The truth is that the platform has millions of naked and semi-naked photos that might not be liked by snobs or conservative users. Every menu of the service gives you hints that it is made for those looking for sex. 

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The alternatives

Although there are numerous alternatives to the most popular hookup site, most of them have much fewer users than AdultFriendFinder. Moreover, the pricing for similar solutions might be also disappointing, leaving your wallet and credit card empty. 

As for the safety measures, most analogs couldn’t boast to having strong security features. AdultFriendFinder is a highly protected system that uses the highest possible encryption methods. The platform takes care of your privacy and is one of the safest hookup systems you can find online. 

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The verdict

AdultFriendFinder is a unique service with plenty of great benefits for those looking for sexual experiments. It is a modern platform with an advanced functionality and the largest database of users. It is a world-known platform with a whopping number of users from different countries that makes the website a universal solution for those who want to have sex anytime and everywhere.

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