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“There are thousands of people on Ashley Madison who feel lonely and seek other people’s attention due to many different reasons.  If you’re not engaged in any relationships and seek a person who is – this will not be an easy task. It might take much more time than you would expect”

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  •   Female members can use the site for free

  •   Special features suitable for frequent travelers

  •   Millions of members from all over the world

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  •   Members don't often fill out their profiles

Ashley Madison Review

Ashley Madison online dating platform has been recently getting a lot of attention due to its audacious motto: “Life is short. Have an affair”. It’s not a big surprise that the website has an enormous community (above 5 million users as of January 2010). How did the website’s team manage to gather such a massive community? Is it an effortless registration procedure? Or is the community amassed by the hundreds of thousands (or millions?) of fake profiles? Let us disclose this mystery.

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A word from Ashley Madison

“There are thousands of people on Ashley Madison who feel lonely and seek other people’s attention due to many different reasons.  If you’re not engaged in any relationships and seek a person who is – this will not be an easy task. It might take much more time than you would expect”

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About Membership

As on most of the websites out there the registration is completely free. Anyone can register and review the profiles of other users. What was unexpected is that shortly after my registration I received a list of six “specially selected” available nearby, but after I skipped this list, I was never able to find any of those users again. And also some of the search results exceeded my set 20 miles radius.

Ashley Madison feels a bit different from other dating platforms. You can simultaneously chat there and review the profiles of other website members. Everybody can post their picture on their profile, but as people come on this website with, let’s say, specific intentions, everybody is able to edit and blur out their photos.      

Is it possible to chat/message anybody when you are a free user? No, it is not. Can free users still receive messages? Possibly. I’ve spent quite some time searching this information in Google and refreshing my page on Ashley Madison to see if anybody wrote me a message. I didn’t receive any messages. Maybe some experienced users do have an answer for this, but I, unfortunately, failed to find it out.

Later I was lucky to communicate with several users out there. I tried to find out if they were real people looking to find an affair there. After I confirmed they were genuine users I asked them about their experience on the platform. One man said he really enjoyed the service and was able to find what he had registered here for. Other few members said I was the only one who had ever replied to them.

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Exclusive tools

Apart from the specific goal of the platform – which is helping married people to find a discreet affair and, in fact, promoting marital infidelity, the website has a few exclusive tools in its arsenal:

  •         Relationship type. On Ashley Madison you can choose to look for several different types of affairs. They may vary from a regular hook up to a virtual affair.
  •         Weight and body type are mandatory to fill in for everyone who registers on the website.
  •         It is not necessary to fill out all the fields during profile creation. Apart from a few specific questions (weight, body type, relationship status), other fields may be left blank.

I found a rather unique and unseen feature on Ashley Madison, the likes of which I’ve never seen before. This feature is called “Affair Guarantee” and it is essentially a refund for a three-month period (which equals 1000 credits/$250) if the request matches the following requirements:

  •         Full profile creation, the personal picture is uploaded and the profile is constantly available for other members to watch.
  •         20 prioritized messages must be sent to other members each month (which equals minimum 60 as the outcome)
  •         At list 5 gifts must be sent monthly
  •         Minimum 60 minutes of chatting per month are required
  •         And, of course, use the website according to Terms & Conditions

If after three months of using Ashley Madison services a member hasn’t met anybody personally and failed to establish an affair, then this unfortunate user may request a refund of their $250 invested in Ashley Madison. Note that such requests must be sent 30 days prior to the program ending.

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Well, everybody is free to register but in order to really talk to anybody, you will need to pay. Most of the simple acts of communication require credits for their execution. Ashley Madison offers several bundles of credits (100/500/1000 credits that cost $50/150/250). If you purchase 1000 credit at once you get an Affair Guarantee Package which then allows to apply for a refund described above, should you fail to find a lover. Credits are needed for various actions out there, for example:

  •         The first message sent to any user costs 5 credits. But after the first message, you establish contact and all other messages are cost-free, so essentially you pay for a conversation, not a message.
  •         Chatting costs 1 credit per each minute. For example, 30 minutes chat will cost 30 credits, and 60 minutes chat will cost 60 credits, accordingly.
  •         Gifts that range in 20/30/50 credits.

Ashley Madison accepts credit card payment, transfers, Western Union and PayPal as payment.

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The website itself is simple and well-composed. The simple and understandable design of the platform allows any user to quickly find what they’ve come here for should they purchase credits to get some action on the website. Due to the nature of this site, full user privacy and security are the top priority of the development team. Profile pictures are often blurred and access to the original photo is only granted when another member sends you so-called “private key”. Ashley Madison has a huge community, so before you invest any of your funds into membership, register, sit around and take your time to study the nearest people around you on the website to find out how many of them are real users with whom you can hook up.

Patience will benefit you in your affair search greatly. However, some of the members report that Ashley Madison does not provide what they promise and that the search is littered with fake profiles. I personally did not spend much time browsing the website and finding a lover, so I can’t tell for sure separate truth from lies. What is obvious though, as you should be cautious while using any dating site. In the end, your above everybody else are responsible for your success and safety.

And yes, the website’s security wasn’t as perfect as it was announced back in the day. In 2015 there was a massive leak on Ashley Madison that resulted in lists of website users being shared on the web. This was an immense accident, but the Ashley Madison team sends their apologies for the accident and claim to have enhanced security of its members.  

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