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Explore the world of stunning Russian brides

Russian mail order wives have become popular characters of various shows, TV series, and movies. It is always a stunningly looking lady with a distinctive yet charming accent who makes the lives of everyone around her brighter. Watching these episodes or hearing the friends’ stories about marrying a gorgeous beauty from a distant land inevitably make you think that maybe, you can do it, too. Fortunately, it is not that hard as it may seem. It will not take you long to read this article. But it is going to suffice for making you fully equipped for the search of your happiness among the most beautiful women in the world — mail order Russian brides.

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Are there any pretty single Russian women?

Questions like this are a little sarcastic, of course. We all understand that a pretty lady from any country may be single for an extensive period of time for various reasons. On the other hand, it is caused by reasonable concern, based on the questions that follow:

  • Can there be anything wrong with her?
  • Why can’t she find a Russian husband?
  • May she be a mere gold-digger or after a green card?
  • Will she leave her new husband when she gets away from Russia?

All of these are extremely easy to answer once you dig deeper into the reasons for becoming Russian mail order brides.

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Why women tend to become Russian mail order brides

The notion of a mail order bride

First, let’s make it clear that a mail order bride is not a kind of career. Women don’t do it for some time being presented to the public as if they are models advertising some goods. They are not paid for this or any other activity. The only thing they can actually get on a dating platform is marriage. Secondly, they choose men for marriage out of their free will, and no one from the agency has the right to dictate them whom to marry. You can’t literally buy a Russian bride in any dating agency on the planet. There is no need to say that it is unethical, inhuman, and illegal. The wording, however, may pop up in your search results. But when it is used on more or less reliable websites, you should understand that nobody is selling girls or sending them to your doorstep. It simply means that the services of the agency are not free, and the access to all communication tools is paid.


Instead of inventing ridiculous explanations for why women want to join brides agencies, one should understand these Russian beauties a little not to fall into false judgments:

  • They can’t meet a decent man. The gender ratio in Russia is not the worst among other post-Soviet states, but it is still not that favorable. Sometimes, women are not happy with local men. According to this country’s area and unemployment rate, this might be very understandable as men from cities (or even towns) who have a job differ from others significantly. Russia has a vast territory and today, searching for a partner from another region, for example, will involve Internet tools. So, why stop just there? Dating agencies make the whole world accessible to Russian women online, and a lot of them choose not to be restricted with boundaries.
  • They lack time for dating. Gender equality has always been quite common in Russia’s workplace. A woman can earn as much as a man if she works as hard. Another good question is where to get time to work as a man does when she has kids and a house to maintain, but it’s not relevant for this point. Single women, in their overwhelming majority, do have jobs and can be quite ambitious and successful. And this type suffers from the lack of time the most — they can’t find a spare minute to date. The Internet lends a helping hand to them because there are much more opportunities to flirt, mingle, and seek a life partner online.
  • They are fascinated by other cultures. During the 1990s, American culture made its way to the hearts of all Russian people. Even now, when everything native and folklore is being popularized, a lot of hot Russian brides want to live in the US because it has been their dream since early childhood. Some girls want to move to Western or Northern Europe, while others wish to become Arabic princesses, — it all depends on the first impact in their lives. Sure one does not need to get married to travel around the world. Most Russians understand that and don’t miss their chances to see the places they dreamed about when kids. But sometimes, we are not talking only about places. It is about culture and mentality, and it is much more exciting to learn about all this with a reliable guide by your side who cares about you deeply. That is why they choose to marry foreigners.
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Why men seek to marry hot Russian brides

Men from various countries have their reasons to marry foreign ladies, too. Some of these are concerned about their local women’s disadvantages. Others are determined to find a perfect wife, no matter where she may live. There are also men who want to marry a girl belonging to a particular cultural and ethnic background. This is simply a matter of taste. One way or another, Russian brides have a range of qualities that makes them desirable for husbands-to-be regardless of the reasons that drive them to international dating sites.

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The beauty you will never forget

Beauty is one of the most controversial things in life. We like different things and different people. If you are into natural Slavic appearance (you will know that as soon as you see any of those hotties), you have to give a shot to relationships with beautiful Russian women. However, we need to point out that Russia is a vast multinational country. So, the variety of beauties goes far beyond Slavic heritage. The mutual feature of all Russian girls is that they always try to look the best. Makeup and outstanding outfits are a part of the daily routine of both married and single Russian women. They also try to eat healthily and work out regularly.

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How important marriage is to Russian girls

The attitude towards marriage is really different in various parts of the world. While some nations raise their girls to become somewhat submissive wives, others try to get rid of traditional family roles at all. In this aspect, Russia is literally somewhere in the middle. Young girls are still taught that they are to get married no matter what. Some families cultivate this as a necessity in life, so a lot of hot Russian women marry young. Unfortunately, many of them contribute to overwhelming divorce statistics quite soon because no one can be happy together simply because they were told to. A lot of marriages don’t work out, and foreigners ask a reasonable question: Do Russian women make good wives at all? In fact, they do. Their marriages are strong as soon as they are based on a well-grounded, grownup decision to love and care of another person. Actually, this turns out to be another benefit of seeking Russian brides online: they are there because they are willing and ready to become wives.

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Household and motherhood

What comes with almost no controversies in Russia is that a woman is a homemaker. They call women ‘ keepers of the hearth.’ Since an early age, they are taught that it is a woman’s duty to keep the house clean and to feed the family. Adopting this wisdom, a lot of Russian ladies start treating house chores as a way to relax. The majority of single ladies do their best at home, not to mention those married with children.

Speaking of kids, most Russian families have one or two kids, which is quite average. Mothers are supposed to care about every aspect of a child’s life — from feeding to education. They can make important decisions but prefer to discuss them with their husbands first. Besides, they don’t tend to forget about their husbands when kids are born. That is why the increasing number of bachelors from around the world search for their match among Russian women for marriage.

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Work and learning

The previous point might evoke the thought that a woman who takes full responsibility for your home and kids, can’t survive without proper financial support. There is an opinion that Russian wives are all about money, and they treat their husbands as moneybags. In reality, they really like comfort, stability, and security. Some explain it by the fact that they were deprived of it as kids. On the other hand, those coming from wealthy families are not eager to lose it all either. However, there is a huge ‘but’! Most of them struggle for that comfort on their own. Women from Russia are tremendously hardworking, and they can multitask with ease. There are many examples of single mothers striving to give the best to their kids, living in good apartments, traveling, and paying all the bills. And if a girl has a loving husband by her side, — the sky is the limit for her. You don’t have to worry that your Russian wife won’t do anything except for cooking and cleaning. At the very least, she will study — languages, professional skills relevant in your country, etc.

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Hidden dangers of online dating

As you can conclude, Russian mail order brides are the real chance for happiness. This business was established a lot of time ago, and there are numerous players in the market. Your main objective is to choose the site that will not let you down. The risks you may face may be subcategorized as follows:

  • The threats imposed by dishonest dating services, the primary goal of which is to get advantage of you. They may either make you pay a big amount of money at once and stop responding or to pay small sums endlessly without providing some real results.
  • Not real Russian women brides. Some dating sites are stuffed with fake profiles, while others have a small percentage of those. Scammers can break through the most sophisticated security systems of trustworthy platforms, but what differs a good site from a bad one is how promptly they deal with such cases.
  • Failing to bring an online relationship to the next level. This often happens because men lack online dating experience. They are either too pushy or intentionally limit the number of contacts. The first may scare a lady off, which is obvious. The second lies deeply in human psychology. Those who seek love at first sight focus on the only lady. Given that it takes you more time to date Russian women online than offline, it is such a pity when such a relationship doesn’t work out. Searching for the next partner and building up something new will take time, too. So, many men get really discouraged at this stage. For this reason, we always advise newcomers to get in touch with as many beautiful Russian brides as possible right from the start.
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How to pick the right service

Your success greatly depends on the website you choose to join. This may be a huge platform for the general audience where you can select Russian girls with the help of search filters. Or you can pick a Russian brides club where the majority of female users come from Russia, alongside with some other Slavic countries.

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The things to pay attention to before you join

  • The website. As it is the case with any other business, good companies invest in such things. A site has to be updated, well-developed, and stable.
  • The legal address. Every company should have an office. It shouldn’t bother you if it’s not in Moscow because the site can be a part of a large family catering to various audiences. But there should always be an address.
  • Contacts. The possibility to write a letter to the managers is pleasing enough, but, in this day and age, the chances are no one will be willing to take it. The site has to provide you with as many tools to contact them as possible — email, instant chat, submission form, phone number, Skype, etc.
  • Financial issues. A rare good dating website is free today, but it doesn’t mean that they should charge you for everything. To start with, leave the site immediately if you have to pay for registration there. Free trials, discounts, and other perks are quite rare, too. Nevertheless, there should be a scope of free services. If there is a paid subscription, its price per month should vary by the duration of the package. Never submit any payment or legal information before you are 100% certain that you are buying something.
  • Support. It includes both Support Team that deals with everyday issues and the assistance when it comes to a real meeting with your wife-to-be. A professional dating agency will help you with papers and accommodation.


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