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Have you ever imagined what it would feel like — coming back home to a beautiful wife and a deliciously cooked dinner? Opening the door and seeing a woman who's been waiting for you and also taking care of the household routine while you're at work? Even more, what a pleasure it would be to raise children with a woman like this? Chances are, such thoughts did cross your mind, but you may have been disappointed at how modern women prioritize money-making and career-building over having a healthy, nuclear family with a distinct traditional focus.

Well, you do not have to be disappointed any more — the fact that it's difficult to meet a woman like this in your hometown does not mean that such ladies no longer exist. They do, and they are dreaming of a traditional family with someone like you. You just have to look for them in the right places — namely, on mail order brides website. Plenty of Latino, Slavic, and Asian women would rather take care of their households and their families than spend excessive hours at work. Their family values are strong, and their personalities are vibrant.

All it takes to meet them is registering with a professional service and having them find a suitable bride for you. Below, we'll tell you exactly how mail order brides websites work, what kind of women are using these platforms, and how you can choose a site that caters to your best interest.

Mail order brides: what kind of women are they?

First, let's debunk some myths you may have about mail order brides — after all, this term can get a bit confusing. For starters, no agency in the world can legally mail you a person — because that would be human trafficking, which is an outlawed practice in pretty much any jurisdiction of the world. Also, mail order brides have nothing in common with escort services. In reality, those are single ladies from different countries and ethnical backgrounds who are looking for husbands abroad — as simple as that.

As for their reasons, the latter may vary a lot depending on the destination country. For example, most Asian brides and as well women from Muslim countries are hoping to find a partner who would treat them with equal respect. As you may know, women have little room for personal expression and development in societies that remain male-dominated — and that is exactly the case with most Asian and Muslim cultures. Beautiful Slavic and Baltic brides, on the contrary, have all the room they need to express themselves, but when it comes to finding a good match, the statistical odds are often against them — in these countries, women outnumber the men ever since the WWII. Most sexy Latino women are simply tired of physical abuse and infidelity and are looking for a life partner who would appreciate and love them for all the effort they invest in their homes.  

Of course, the above reasons are only some of the most widespread ones in the regions we've mentioned, and it's impossible to generalize every single woman's motives — not unless you want to have a clear, unprejudiced picture in your mind. Besides, you should not forget that plenty of mail order brides services work in highly developed countries, like the UK, Denmark, France, Japan, etc. And still, despite equal treatment and great living conditions, some of these beautiful women choose to register with the international dating service and try their luck abroad. So, it's not just about escaping oppressive regimes or poor economic conditions; sometimes, it's just an attempt to find a decent match outside their immediate environments.

Besides, you should know all too well that it's not always easy to combine a job and a social life. So, many women from developed countries start dating online to save themselves time and trouble on awkward dates — pretty much like you do. As to their desire to relocate to a new country… well, they're obviously not the only ones to get disappointed in the local matches — for whatever reason.

Bottom line, mail order brides, as well as the platforms they register with, are absolutely legit — so you can put all of your concerns aside. They are single women hoping to start a lasting family, and they are determined to work for it — even if it takes going an extra mile and consulting a professional marriage agency.

Are mail order brides services different from other dating sites?

A mail order brides website is essentially a dating site, but it has one minor difference from the majority of mainstream dating platforms. Brides agencies are basically international marriage agencies, so you will not have to fill in graphs with your sexual orientation and relationship goals. Here, the default relationship goal is long-term commitment (ideally, marriage), and the default orientation is straight. So, you will not need to check these boxes when you sign up the service. Also, you will not need to block users looking for pen pals when what you're looking for is a bride. And if you've tried at least a couple of free dating site, you should know already that no matter what you include in your relationship goals, you will still get dozens of 'wanna hook up?' messages generated by bots.

Speaking of bots and generated messages, you should not get any of those on a professional mail order brides service. There are several reasons for that, and strict profile verification is one of them. All users have to verify their identities — in fact, many eligible ladies do that in real-time, through the agency's local divisions. If there is no such possibility in her city, then she may upload a screen of her valid ID. So, single gentlemen can relax — women on mail order brides services are completely real, which is not always the case on free dating sites.

Of course, to every plus there is a minus — mail order brides websites are not free. But, since you're investing in extra security, a minimal monthly fee is usually worth it — especially, if you consider that most sites charge their clients around $20 a month for unlimited communication services. The final monthly bill can sometimes be higher than that — but only if you order extra services, like browsing anonymously, sending your lady a gift, hiring a translator, etc. Even in this case, the end bill should not be sky-rocketing (you should see price tags on any extra services you think of ordering before you pay). The bare cost of communication, however, is usually more than affordable.

Finally, there is another perk a legitimate marriage site would offer — something free dating services will never cater to. That is arranging your trip to a foreign country by the time you're ready to meet one or several ladies in person. And, if you happen to find your ideal match, you can also count on the agency's help with marriage permits and visa paperwork. Of course, that's another example of a service that comes at an extra cost, but since it saves a lot of time and nerves, we'd call it a nice offer.

What to expect from an online bride?

Of course, even women in the same city are quite different, so it would be challenging to describe an average mail order bride — given how many countries they may come from. On the other hand, we can give you a general picture of a family-oriented woman — and it would not be a wild guess to assume that a lady who registers with a mail order brides service is highly family-centered. So, here is just a preview of what you can expect:

Traditional family focus

This is the first and the most important feature the majority of mail order brides will have in common. A woman who is willing to go online (even though online dating is stigmatized in many male-dominated societies) is obviously determined to find a good partner, no matter the social cost. A woman like this will unlikely prioritize career over her family, and she is obviously not the kind of woman to cheat on her husband. Chances are, you will come back to a clean, carefully decorated house and enjoy the smell of delicious home-cooked meal. Basically, you can imagine a stereotypical image of the 1950s housewife, without the pearls.

Patience with kids and other family members

One more quality most family-centered women will have in common. An average mail order bride is the kind of woman who'd probably want at least two — maybe even three children. Of course, the exact number is negotiable and will usually depend on your bride's country of origin, as well as her age. As you may know, most women who use online dating services are in their 20s-30s, but there is also an older, more mature demographics. Perhaps, your best fit has children already — just like you. Still, the majority of mail order brides are in their early thirties and would like to have kids at some point. Also, if your wife happens to be from Asia or Eastern Europe, she will most definitely dote on the little ones and make sure none of her kids lacks anything in life.

Outstanding homemaking skills

Now, there is the elephant in the room. Chances are, you've never known what it's like to live with an outstanding homemaker. We've already offered you a picture of a clean house and a tidy meal; however, homemaking is more than cleaning up and cooking — it includes plenty of errands from buying food to stopping by a drugstore or a dry cleaning. And an excellent homemaker manages to do all of that — often, with a full-time job on top of that. So, if you really want to forget about household routine and entrust these chores to other, more skilled hands, you should definitely consider meeting mail order brides online.

What does an online bride expect from you?

The above insight seems tempting enough, but what would a wife like this expect in return? It's true that some women are indeed looking for better living conditions and more financial stability. Besides, even the most skilled bride is no magician — and running the house and taking care of the children is not always possible with a full-time job. More than that, a foreigner will need some time before she gets a paying job — and, as a reasonable gentleman, you should be perfectly aware of that. Still, we cannot stress this enough — the vast majority of mail order brides are not into your money. Here are what most of these ladies are looking for, in reality:

Attention to her needs

We already mentioned that plenty of brides (particularly women from Asia and Latin America) come from male-dominated environments, where women are often treated for granted. So, what most of these ladies are looking for is simple appreciation. If you pay your lady enough attention, give her small presents now and then, ask her about her day — that will already mean a world to her. And let's agree — that's not a lot to ask if you think of it.

Appreciation of the work she does

Apart from paying attention to your lady and her wishes, big or small, you should appreciate any work she does around the house. A simple 'thank you' can get you a long way because — as we've already explained — a lot of women get zero appreciation for their efforts around the house. And if you dream of getting household chores off your hands, you know how much time and energy these efforts really cost.

Love and support

This one is probably the most important thing any woman is looking for in a partner — and it does not matter if she comes from the first-world or third-world country. We're all looking for someone to rely on — not necessarily financially, but also psychologically. In fact, this may be one of the reasons you're considering online dating, and an average mail order bride will share this desire.

With this in mind, using mail order brides services is not that taunting as it seems. Plenty of legitimate websites are offering you a chance to meet the bride of your dreams — for a reasonable monthly fee. All it takes is finding the platform with reputable reviews and talking to several ladies before one of them truly makes an impression. Then, you can think of visiting your match in person — and maybe even taking your mail order bride home with you.

Top 5 Mail Order Bride Facts
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